Why you need a professional Photographer

A video by Professiona Photographers of America explaining some of the benefits of working with a professional photographer….



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  1. Penmiso says:

    I had the pleasure of havnig mr anderson this year and although I was quiet and hardly ever spoke, the room and anderson mean a lot to me. I know its hard for me to make connections with people and let my guard down, but here it goes, I am truely going to miss this room and the memories had in it! Andersons class will always be my favorite experience from high school. These photos make me cry as I realize I may have had few friends and not talked to many people, but we are all linked we have known and seen each other for years and whether we want to believe it or not, we all care about each other and are all linked together because we are and will always be one dysfunctional group, the Hawthorne high School class of 2011!

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